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5 ways that content management helps grow your brand

When it comes to building your business. Many business owners simply focus on the business itself. Building the product, delivering services, helping the customer or making sure the books are balanced. What may seem like a lesser concern is creating content related to your product or industry. But here are 5 reasons why you might be missing out if you don’t produce any content.

Content Management
Content Management

1. Brand Identity

There is a major difference between a company that tells a story, has a connection with its customers and openly shares information about what they do, vs a company which only sells a product or service. Recognition and relation.

Unless you’re selling a hyper-specific, niche product, like manufacturing clocks that run on Mars time for Nasa. You likely have some competition and it’s incredibly important to differentiate yourself from that competition.

Even if your product or service is superior to that of your competitors, it doesn’t hurt to communicate that effectively in some way for the people who haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet.

2. Trust and Authority

When a brand has a voice about the industry they fill they become a symbol of authority. One that people feel they can trust and recognise. And when they’re in need of what you provide, you will be at the top of their minds, and your competition won't even be considered.

If you run a new fintech product

3. Long-Term Emotional Impact

Producing content with an emotional impact related to your company. For example, the story of the creation of the company, how the products or made, what the industry is like or even who the members of your team are. Brings your customer into the journey with you. They are no longer just customers, but people involved in the story of the company.

This will mean they will always choose you over the competition as they feel they have more in common with your brand.

4. SEO and Online Visibility

In any competitive industry, the importance of ranking and appearing near the top of search engines becomes very apparent. Think about when you need to look something up on google. How many search results will you scroll through before you click on the one which seems the best? 3 maybe 4, you likely compare the names and the relevancy of the results. Maybe it’s not in the first few but you’ll scroll halfway down the first page before you click on something. But how often have you been onto the dreaded second page of Google? Likely never.

And this is reflected in the data. With the number 1 spot in Google search getting almost 32% of the clicks.

This is why it is so important to make sure that you appear higher in your search results, not only so you get conversions. But just so you can be seen.

5. Generates leads and converts

By creating content specifically for the exact audience who will use your product and service you can attract the most qualified leads. People looking for information related to what you do. The more specific and focused the more likely the lead will convert.

Answering questions about their pain points allows customers to focus on your business to solve those issues and ensures them that you are the best people to do the job. It will also allow potential customers to learn about the experience of working with you from previous customers and to know what to expect.

So having content that customers can relate to your company may be one of the most effective techniques that exist to build a bigger, organic network of customers.

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