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Estelle Sinclair

Founder and CEO 


Bridging Efficiency and Innovation in Business Processes - Stabilizing business processes and optimizing digital workflows through Smart SaaS and AI-Driven solutions.


Estelle has been at the forefront of driving change within organizations of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporations for over 20 years. By stabilizing, standardizing, and optimizing their business processes, she has solved complex systems workflow challenges and significantly improved operational efficiencies.​


Her methodology encompasses systems diagnostics and optimization through smart SaaS and AI-driven solutions, comprehensive business process management to enhance operational efficiency, and personalized growth and productivity coaching that together deliver streamlined processes, strategic growth roadmaps, effective execution frameworks, and advanced workflow automation to her clients.​


With extensive expertise in management consulting, business architecture, process engineering, and organizational restructuring among others, Estelle excels in mastering the art of execution across diverse sectors.​

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