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About Us

Expertly guiding business to start, scale and sustain their business growth.

Dear future partners and changemakers,


Welcome to the cozy yet unapologetically bold world of StarBlaze Business Solutions. Picture this - a business world where complexity is not a hurdle, but a spicy challenge, ready to be tamed and transformed into a catalyst for sustainable growth. Oh, yes, we're flipping the script, stepping away from the stifling corporate formalities, and inviting you into a space where strategy isn’t just planned but passionately lived.


We're not merely consultants at StarBlaze. No, no. Envision us as your steadfast partners in crafting, not just navigating, a journey that’s uniquely yours. We become the cartographers of your business voyage, mapping out each twist and turn with a keen eye, ensuring not a single moment of growth or learning slips through the cracks.


Embark with us, and you’ll explore our strategic pillars, lovingly dubbed 'Catching the Growth Wave,' 'Conquering Complexity,' and 'Facing the Dragon.' Each one, a carefully curated chapter in your tale of transformation, from that initial spark of inception, negotiating those inevitable hurdles, blooming into sustainable fiscal magnificence.


Our ethos, you ask? In every echelon of StarBlaze, we breathe our mission to Encourage, Equip, and Execute, molding strategies and solutions that don’t just predict the future but roll up their sleeves to shape it. Immerse your venture into a realm where benefits are not just enjoyed but meticulously crafted - think optimized operations, bespoke growth strategies, and dynamic digital content with an execution that doesn’t just aim but assuredly hits the mark.


Lean into StarBlaze, where your business doesn’t merely succeed but illuminates the path for others, becoming a true beacon of positive, enduring impact. Let’s carve out a future together, shall we? 🚀🌟

About StarBlaze Business Solutions

Meet the Team

United by Experience, Guided by Expertise: Dive into a network of the top niche consultants who, like the sturdy beams of a ship, form the unshakeable core of our value proposition. Our collective journey through the vast expanses of varied sectors is not just experienced; it’s a trove of tried-and-true strategies and insights, awaiting to be unveiled and applied to your organizational narrative.

At StarBlaze Business Solutions, we’re more than consultants; we are your vigilant lighthouse keepers, illuminating, guiding, and safeguarding your journey through the enthralling yet precarious seas of business evolution. Unfurl the sails with us, and let’s chart a course towards not merely reaching, but mastering the horizons of sustainable success and impactful growth.


Estelle Sinclair, CEO of StarBlaze Business Solutions, boasts over 20 years experience in complex business process consulting across diverse industries and regions. With a unique combination as certified enterprise architect, business accountant and Africa’s sole certified scale architect, Estelle specializes in enhancing businesses’ profitability and boosting their bottom line through human-centered digital process management. Estelle doesn’t simply steer; she crafts the journey, from organizational restructuring and project management to executive coaching and mastering the subtle art of "getting-things-done" across a mosaic of industries.


Ross isn’t merely a teammate; he’s your cartographer in the digital content expanse, charting narratives that not only tell stories but set the course for engagement and brand-building. Molding his skills amidst the versatile landscapes of screenwriting, content writing, and copywriting, he isn’t just a writer; he’s a creative maestro, orchestrating a symphony of words and ideas that weave into a magnetic presence in the digital world.


Adeptly navigating the multifaceted landscapes of business growth and strategy from the U.S., Scott Ritzheimer stands as our distinguished Scale Architect and International Associate. An undeniable expert, he has triumphantly launched an impressive 20,000 new businesses and nonprofits, each echoing his profound comprehension of entrepreneurship and organizational evolution. Scott, along with his business partner, astoundingly propelled their multimillion-dollar venture through a sustained, remarkable growth trajectory, celebrating over a decade of double-digit growth, all achieved before touching 35.


Internationally revered, Les McKeown, guides CEOs and senior leaders to sail smoothly toward scalable, sustainable growth from his base in the U.S. Leaving an indelible mark on Fortune 500 companies through his revolutionary strategies, Les stands out not only as a strategist but also a distinguished author. His bestselling works, including "Predictable Success," "The Synergist," "Do Scale," and "Do Lead," serve as rich reservoirs of practical insights for organizational triumph. Before sculpting the path to Predictable Success, Les remarkably founded over 40 companies, embedding his entrepreneurial fervor into the global business tapestry. As a founding partner of a pioneering incubation consulting firm, he has masterfully advised on the conception and proliferation of organizations across the globe.

A Few of Our Happy Clients

Point Group
Mia Telecoms
Coega Development Corporation
PABX Warehouse
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